I’m so grateful for the experience and time I was able to spend with Lindsey during my sessions with her.


From helping me with different ways to manage my anxiety to just talking through certain emotions and feelings and re-learning self love, I would recommend her over and over to all my friends and family.


It was such a positive and safe place that I so looked forward to every time we met. If you are someone like me who’s always looking for ways to better themselves or even if you are feeling stuck and don’t know which way to turn, THIS IS YOUR GIRL! Thank you Lindsey!!!

- C.J,

I’ve worked with Lindsey 3 times now.  One session for a previous partnership, one for my health and one for wealth.  


The feeling was instantaneous to recognize something was happening.  Within 24hrs I had my health come back to normal, I felt an energetic release and most importantly a release of the expectations I still held with my ex.  


As for my experience with wealth, this one felt so deep.  So many generations of suffering.  So many women in ancestry that endured lack, feelings of worthlessness and fear.  


She nailed the dot each time on the exact ages the emotions became stuck. It's unbelievable how spot on the sessions were. I know the work is lifetime and my sessions with her will be just as important as my other healing modalities. Seeing her is like seeing your acupuncturist or your chiropractor. We all need help to release what gets stuck as we move along this life's journey. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all she has helped me with.  


- Sara M.

Working with Lindsey has been a very beneficial experience. The Emotion Code sessions were very relaxing and have enabled a lot of emotional healing for me. My perspective and understanding of past experiences has also changed dramatically and so I now relive them from a space of peace and gratitude. Lindsey is very gentle, compassionate, wise and I fully recommend working with her as I know I will continue to do so. 
- Awilda T.

I recently did an emotion code session with Lindsey and was able to clear a tremendous amount of emotional residue from my past! I had no idea I was still holding onto so much in my relationship with my mom. As Lindsey read through the emotions that were still unresolved in my relationship with my mom, I gained so much clarity about things I’ve been feeling but had no words for. I feel so much more aware of my own experience and emotions. 


Since doing my session with Lindsey, I feel clearer, lighter, and with greater capacity to hold space for myself and my emotions. 


Lindsey held a nurturing, loving space where I felt safe and comfortable going into deep emotional spaces. I would recommend a session to anyone!”

- L.N.

I just had the most amazing Emotion Code session with Lindsey Torres 💗

This beautifully inspirational goddess just took me on a journey to release trapped emotions from my body, accurately pinpointing at what ages they developed and which side of the family and generation (the furthest being 38) other emotions were passed down from through my family line!

Together we released panic, depression, betrayal, hopelessness and insecurity from specific parts of my body.

As we did so, I yawned over and over, which is my familiar indication of releasing old energies that no longer serve. The moment we released the watermelon sized ball of hopelessness I developed at the age of two in my lower left abdomen, a tightness I never really paid attention to dissipated, and I began crying in relief.

Lindsey, thank you for your beautiful energy, prayers and integrity. You are a breath of fresh air and someone I greatly admire.

If anyone is interested in working with Lindsey, send her a message! She can work with you in person or over the phone, and can do this work remotely by connecting in with your energy. She is truly gifted and the kindest, most understanding person...I highly recommend her services if there are patterns and old ways of being you are ready to let go of to live your best, most inspired life! 💗🌸

- Gabrielle Angelica Rose

Working with Lindsey has been life changing! Near constant breast pain- gone after 1 session. Mid back pain that the naturopathic doctor recommended muscle relaxers for bc it was so bad-gone after 1 session. She genuinely cares, goes above and beyond, and is totally respectful and understanding of your beliefs. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


After my session with Lindsey I felt a deep sense of peace in my body. I felt this sense that everything is truly going to be ok and that I have all the tools within me to thrive. In the session she cleared patterns of attachment that have been held in my body for such a long time especially as it relates to patterns on my father's side of the family. She made me feel so safe and supported and I felt like I was with my sister.

- C. S.

I had my first session with Lindsey and it was amazing!! I was dealing with some anxieties and fears that kept me from living in the moment, kept me up at night, and always in my head with overwhelming thoughts.


After my session with Lindsey I felt light, calm and empty. She was there to coach me through my feelings and gave me advice on how to fill those empty spots that I’ve carried around for a long time. I slept like a baby and I woke up feeling refreshed and brand new.


I greatly appreciate Lindsey for helping me and I recommend her services. I will be scheduling my next session very soon, this is a journey for me and I want Lindsey to continue to be apart of it! Thanks Lindsey!

- L.R.

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