I know the money struggle all too well. I spent YEARS completely broke, with dollars in my bank account, repeating affirmations trying to convince myself otherwise. 

While I learned money the hard way, I also learned the #1 missing component to my financial health was MY INNER WORLD.

I tried to force my way out of broke and proclaimed to the world I would be a millionaire, have a bajillion streams of income and just have ALL THE THINGS.


Little did I know, I was completely overloading my nervous system with these statements because they were nowhere near in alignment with what was actually going down in my subconscious mind.

I cringed every time I had to check my bank account and in fact, avoided it at all costs. I was crippled with anxiety receiving overdraft notifications, yet bills were due.


I struggled to understand why it just wasn’t happening; I know now that the subconscious minds seek to fulfill all of the energy within it. The baseline energy within my subconscious was basically polar opposite to what I was saying on the outside. 


Fast forward years & lots of mistakes:

  • Money DOES feel safe (and fun!) to make, save, invest, spend & give back

  • Money is also a neutral & beautiful tool I can use to support the life I desire

  • I'm creating from a foundation of abundance mindset & it feels like a river flowing freely into my life

  • I've more than doubled my income & built a thriving practice in less than 6 months where I'm able to help others unlock their abundance

Maybe you’re wanting to double your monthly income, up-level your business or break free from poverty mindset... Imagine being able to completely clear the blocks holding you back...

...All of the unconscious programming, negative beliefs, trapped emotions, trauma energies, offensive energies meant to block & interfere, generational stuff and so much more. Literally clearing them OUT of your body.  Not only that, but rewiring your brain to have a healthy relationship with money.

If this resonates at all with you, keep scrolling...




A 12 week 1 on 1 energy clearing & balancing container that focuses on identifying and clearing many of the largest subconscious blocks that are preventing you from creating & allowing prosperity in your life.

Each week, we'll virtually meet & begin releasing the energies keeping you stuck while also creating new positive neural pathways that support abundance flowing freely into your life.


- In depth evaluation that provides us accurate insight into where you're subconscious mind is currently functioning from (we do this to gage progress)

- 1 weekly hour long Body Code Session with Lindsey for 12 weeks

- Report of everything cleared

- Muscle testing to see how in alignment your subconscious is with your goal

- In between session support if needed via text/email

- Follow up evaluation to gauge progress that has been made

- Weekly recommendations, personalized affirmations & exercises that supports this work

If you're ready to open the floodgates to abundance, just click the link below!



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