Hi! I'm Lindsey Torres, Emotion & Body Code Practitioner. 

Throughout my earlier years, I struggled deeply with anxiety, depression & deep hopelessness. I felt trapped within the perceived confines of my mind. For a long time, these things went completely unidentified. They were like invisible leeches, sucking away at my life force energy, leaving me even deeper in despair with each passing day.

Simultaneously, I was exposed to self-development, emotional wellness & spirituality at a young age; my first transformational experience happening at 15 years old, when I walked on 1,000°F coals at a 5,000 person seminar.

Despite the amount of knowledge & wisdom I had at my fingertips, I seemed to go further down this never ending hole of despair. There was a huge disconnect between the wisdom I carried and what I actually felt. During these teen years, I craved a way to go deeper, to work with the subconscious mind and energy body. Despite the heaviness I felt, I held onto this tiny mustard seed of faith that there was something grander at play here.

Then, at 19 years old, life was divinely intervened (as I like to say) and I welcomed my son into the world. For some reason, it was much easier to find the motivation to do better, when I was doing it for someone him. I quickly learned through deeper exploration that...

To truly heal, we must shine light on all parts of our being, while practicing radical self-love & acceptance.

Fast forward a few years, I obtained my Holistic Health Coaching Certification. 

I discovered this deep, undying passion for holistic health as I continued on my own personal liberation journey & worked on freedom from the traditional, mainstream toxic lifestyle.

While I learned and improved so much, I was still craving that missing piece of being able to work on a much deeper level; it was here that I knew true & CORE transformation takes place.

Today, I work with people on these deep levels. The freedom & liberation that comes from conquering limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, negative thoughts and generational traumas is truly powerful & limitless.

It is with deep gratitude & great humbleness I am able to serve you on these levels to achieve great freedom & liberation  in your life. It’s my life’s purpose.



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