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Identify trapped emotions that may be blocking the life you desire as well as causing anxiety, depression, physical pain, fatigue, money blocks, unhappiness and more. We will gently & non-invasively release each trapped emotion so you can feel free from emotional baggage.


A state of the art energy balancing system that allows us to muscle test for over 1,000 different potential imbalances in the body causing or contributing to what you may be experiencing and then energetically correct the imbalances in order to restore balance and harmony.


 A 12 week 1 on 1 energy clearing + coaching container, that focuses on identifying and clearing many of the largest subconscious blocks that are preventing you from creating & allowing prosperity in your life at the level in which you desire. 


Hi! I'm Lindsey Torres, Emotion & Body Code Practitioner. 

Throughout my earlier years, I struggled deeply with anxiety, depression & deep hopelessness. I felt trapped within the perceived confines of my mind. For a long time, these things went completely unidentified. They were like invisible leeches, sucking away at my life force energy, leaving me even deeper in despair with each passing day.

Simultaneously, I was exposed to self-development, emotional wellness & spirituality at a young age; my first transformational experience happening at 15 years old, when I walked on 1,000°F coals at a 5,000 person seminar.

Despite the amount of knowledge & wisdom I had at my fingertips, I seemed to go further down this never ending hole of despair. There was a huge disconnect between the wisdom I carried and what I actually felt. During these teen years, I craved a way to go deeper, to work with the subconscious mind and energy body...

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"I recently did an emotion code session with Lindsey and was able to clear a tremendous amount of emotional residue from my past! I had no idea I was still holding onto so much in my relationship with my mom. As Lindsey read through the emotions that were still unresolved in my relationship with my mom, I gained so much clarity about things I’ve been feeling but had no words for. I feel so much more aware of my own experience and emotions..."

- L.N.