Pink Flower
Pink Flower
What would ultimate freedom feel & look like to you?
Freedom from emotional baggage, energetic imbalances & generational trauma's.
What if you didn't have to carry the weight anymore?
NOW is your time; time for you to be FREE!
Let The Emotion Code be your guide to emotional freedom...
Praise Lindsey Torres
for working with Lindsey

"I recently did an emotion code session with Lindsey and was able to clear a tremendous amount of emotional residue from my past! I had no idea I was still holding onto so much in my relationship with my mom. As Lindsey read through the emotions that were still unresolved in my relationship with my mom, I gained so much clarity about things I’ve been feeling but had no words for. I feel so much more aware of my own experience and emotions..."

- L.N.

Working with Lindsey has been life changing! Near constant breast pain- gone after 1 session. Mid back pain that the naturopathic doctor recommended muscle relaxers for bc it was so bad-gone after 1 session. She genuinely cares, goes above and beyond, and is totally respectful and understanding of your beliefs. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


She nailed the dot each time on the exact ages the emotions became stuck. It's unbelievable how spot on the sessions were. I know the work is lifetime and my sessions with her will be just as important as my other healing modalities. Seeing her is like seeing your acupuncturist or your chiropractor. We all need help to release what gets stuck as we move along this life's journey. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all she has helped me with. 

- S.M.

Hi! I'm Lindsey Torres, Emotion Code Practitioner & Emotional freedom coach. 

Throughout my earlier years, I struggled deeply with anxiety, depression & deep hopelessness. I felt trapped within the perceived confines of my mind. For a long time, these things went completely unidentified. They were like invisible leeches, sucking away at my life force energy, leaving me even deeper in despair with each passing day.

Simultaneously, I was exposed to self-development, emotional wellness & spirituality at a young age; my first transformational experience happening at 15 years old, when I walked on 1,000°F coals at a 5,000 person seminar.

Despite the amount of knowledge & wisdom I had at my fingertips, I seemed to go further down this never ending hole of despair. There was a huge disconnect between the wisdom I carried and what I actually felt. During these teen years, I craved a way to go deeper, to work with the subconscious mind and energy body. Despite the heaviness I felt, I held onto this tiny mustard seed of faith that there was something grander at play here.

Then, at 19 years old, life was divinely intervened (as I like to say) and I welcomed my son into the world. For some reason, it was much easier to find the motivation to do better, when I was doing it for someone him. I quickly learned through deeper exploration that...

To truly heal, we must shine light on all parts of our being, while practicing radical self-love & acceptance.

Fast forward a few years, I obtained my Holistic Health Coaching Certification.


I discovered this deep, undying passion for holistic health as I continued on my own personal liberation journey & worked on freedom from the traditional, mainstream toxic lifestyle.

While I learned and improved so much, I was still craving that missing piece of being able to work on a much deeper level; it was here that I knew true & CORE transformation takes place.

Today, I work with people on these deep levels. The freedom & liberation that comes from conquering limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, negative thoughts and generational traumas is truly powerful & limitless.

It is with deep gratitude & great humbleness I am able to serve you on these levels to achieve great freedom & liberation  in your life. It’s my life’s purpose.

Pink Flower


Identify trapped emotions that may be blocking the life you desire as well as causing anxiety, depression, physical pain, fatigue, money blocks, unhappiness and more. We'll then effectively, gently & non-invasively release each trapped emotion.


During these sessions, we'll focus on clearing the protective layers your subconscious mind has developed around your heart also known as The Heart Wall. Releasing your Heart Wall can help attract love, abundance, joy & relief from neck/shoulder tension & Life Force energy.


We'll clear out the energetic blocks that may be keeping more money from coming in, while working on limiting beliefs & time-tested practices proven to bring more abundance into your life.


My signature eBook that teaches the different areas of life that are holding you back, how to overcome them and create a life by design that lights you up! COMING SOON!

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